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George Maciunas / Fluxus Foundation Inc.


Building System

February 1 – June 1, 2013

Media Advisory

New York, NY. George Maciunas/Fluxus Foundation is pleased to present “Fluxcities:Prefabricated/Modular Building System™” in the foundation exhibition space at 454 West 19th St.

Described by the US Secretary of the Treasury to be “the most significant risk to our economy“, the the housing bubble which devastated families in 2006 has now reached its greatest low in 2012. Unless drastic action is taken, Americans will only face greater threats in obtaining affordable housing, job security, and quality of life.

Intended as an improved design to Soviet Block Housing and Levittowns, George Maciunas invented a mass building system which reduces costs with a sustainable manufacturing process rather than living space. Based on minimum number of prefabricated components, the 1900-sq-ft modular unit known as Fluxhouse can be customized to residential, institutional, industrial, or agricultural functions, and multiplied to construct a single family house, a highrise building, or an entire city (Fluxcity).

Documented in Christoph Gielen‘s aerial photographs of isolated suburban settlements and rapid urban developments, profit-driven and badly planned real estate speculation promotes car-dependency, obesity, crime, mental illness, drug addiction, and greenhouse emissions. Based on an organic process of need-based growth, Fluxcity marries Maciunas’ theories on learning models with his efforts to achieve economic sustainability. As a solution to promote social welfare by raising quality of life, Fluxcity holds its greatest potential as part of a national program like Roosevelt’s New Deal to aid slums, sprawl, education, and unemployment for lower and middle class communities in the United
States and around the world.

Centered around adaptive urban design, topics of commercialism, starchitecture, nomadism, and collective intelligence are presented in an interdisciplinary exploration on the web exhibit. The exhibition space will display photographs from “Ciphers” by Christoph Gielen, a small-scale model of Fluxhouse, and related works.
Cities in Flux –Part 1
Cities in Flux –Part 2

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