Born November 8, 1931 in Kaunas, Lithuania

1949-52: Cooper Union School of Art
studied art, graphic art, architecture
1952-54: Carnegie Institute of Technology Pittsburgh, studied architecture and musicology. B. of Architecture
1955-60: Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
studied European and Siberian art of migrations

1953: Atlas of Russian History (book of translucent pages, superimposed maps)
1958: Atlas of Prehistoric Chinese art
History of Art Chart (incomplete) a giant 6 ft. x 12 ft. time/space chart categorizing all past styles, movements, schools, artists, etc.
1958-66: History of Art 3-dimentional Chart (1st category on drawer faces, 2nd category on horizontal surface of drawer interior and 3rd category on vertical multiple surfaces of drawer interior-faces of filing cards)
1969: Re-categorization of fields of knowledge, completed 2-dimentional diagram & tabulation, intended as the first surface of 3-dimentional storage and retrieval system, called a “learning machine”.
1966-present: History of Avante-garde, particularly its development from Futurism, Dada, Duchamp, Surrealism, John Cage, Happenings, Events, and Fluxus, with particular emphasis on documentation of Fluxus. 23” x 80”. (still in progress)
Architectural monuments of the world, Atlas of maps. (still in progress)

1962-present: edited, published, designed containers, labels, packaging, other graphics of all flux editions (several hundred items)
1964: edited & published Fluxyearbox 1, anthology of flat objects in envelopes. Contributed a chart on architectural criticism.
1965: edited and published Fluxkit, an attaché case with various flux objects produced up to that date. Flux-organ (12 bird calls activated by bellows), various chess sets (pieces as grinders, colored balls, sand timers, etc.)
Edited, designed titles (using various animation and camera techniques) of some 20 films into Flux-film anthology, contributed:
Films made without camera (sing various adhesive patterns on clear film stock): Artype, 10 feet, end after 9, eye blink (high speed camera).
1966: edited & published Fluxyearbox 2, anthology of film loops, games and paper events. Contributed 4 film loops. Designed first prepared ping pong and badminton rackets (undulating, convex, with hole, hinged, elastic etc. surfaces)
1967: stick-on tattoos of hardware etc. Photo aprons (Venus de Milo, stomach anatomy, Napoleon, etc.)
1968: organized and participated in Flux-exhibit, Univ. of Calif. Sand Diego art Col.
1967: designed announcements for paper show and body covering show at Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC. Participated in the first.
1969: clock faces: decimal, degrees, backward etc. multi-faceted mirror, adding machine, distilled coffee, tea, juices, eggs, containing vodka, noodles, egg-white; tea from ropes, pine cones etc.
1970: smile machine, 64 needle syringe, 12 bird aerophone machine, dancing duck call machine.
1971: Produced, designed and contributed to “This is not here” show of Yoko Ono and John Lennon at Everson Museum, Syracuse.
1972: names spelled with objects, burglary kit, anthology of animal excreta, etc.
1975: edition of Hospital even, edited Fluxpack 3, contributed 3 stationary designs, 2 aprons, postage stamps, published by Multipla, Milan.
1976: Sept. initiated collaborative flux-labyrinth project, major contribution, to be exhibited at US. Centenial Exhibition, Berlin.

1961: Organized a series of events by Maxfiled, Cage Ichiyanagi, Higgins, Flynt, La Monte Young, Yoko Ono, Ray Johnson, Walter De maria.
1962: Initiated the Flux group activities with first flux festivals: 14 concerts in Wiesbaden state museum, 6 concerts in Copenhagen, 7 in Paris, First musical compositions (music scored by animals, music for lips, mud, bottles, pebbles, balloons, ladders, violin, 12 piano pieces, In memoriam to Adriano Olivetti for bowler hate, 8 homages, etc.
Flux festivals in Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Hague, Nice (first street events) organized & contributed pieces for flux orchestra concert at Carnegie Recital Hall, (piano for carpenter, string quartet, etc.) Piece for violin performed at Little festival of new music at Univ of London, also at Hague and Milan.
Organized a series of concerts and events at 359 Canal St., NYC. Initiated 1st sport events at Washington Sq. Gal. own: ping-pong & badminton.
1965: 2nd flux-orchestra concert at Carnegie Recital Hall, designed balloon tickets and glider programs. Flux-fest at NY Cinematheque
1966: Event at Village Gate (benefit for EVO) (adhesive net dropping over dancing guests) Organized flux fest in Prague
1967: Flux films shown at Cologne, Turin, Perugia, Como, Savona, Zurich, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo, several U.S. colleges, Flux films awarded Milwaukee Art Center Award, 4th Ann Arbor film Festival Award. Organized and contributed to Waldorf Astoria Hotel room clinic. Own pieces performed at Genoa, Nice, Paris, Rome etc. 2 paper performance pieces at Time & Life bldg, sponsored by Container Corp. & Museum of Contemp. Crafts, (arrow attack on paper curtain and a paper sound orchestra) Participated with paper objects in Paper show at Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC.





Nov.. 8, 1931 in Kaunas Lithuania,


Cooper Union School of Art
graduated 1953
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Bachelor Architecture, 1955
Institute of Fine Arts
NYU, 1955 to 1959, postgraduate studies in : history of art (European and Siberian migrations, iconography, etc.)


Skidmore, Owings and Merrill 1955-57 (Architectural work)
Olin Matheson Chemical Corp. 400 Park
1957-1960 (Research and Development dept., Aluminium Div, product development and design)
Knoll Associates, 320 Park Ave.
1960-61 (Interior design, interior graphics, exhibits, displays, structures)
AFEX (Air Force Exchanges) Europe
1961-1963 (Interior design, interior graphics, signs, logos for shopping centers)
Jack Marshad, Inc. 300 E 40 St.
1964-67 (graphic design, annual reports, house organs, film/slide strips, displays, exhibits, etc)

1967- 69
Clients (starting with most recent)
N.Y. Graphic Society Ltd.

(Forrest Selvig) WE3-1134: book design
Hy Ross Assoc. Inc. 180 Madison Ave.
(Bob Menshausen) 532-3570:
3D & Graphic display wall for their lobby, display for Sikes carpets, mailing piece for Duals by Herman Miller, packaging & box design for their swatch box, etc.
University of California Santa Cruz
(Carnegie Grant Project)
(Margaret Mahoney) PL3-3100, set of 30 posters (art education reform)
Aspen Magazine 333 6th Ave.
989-1623: 1969 Fall (and possibly Winter issue), multi-media box (with booklets, posters, records etc.)
Film Culture Magazine 80 Wooster St..
(Jonas Mekas) 925-2250 :
(since 1963) magazine (design of format, logo, papers, etc.)
Film Makers’ Cinematheque 80 Wooster st.
Interior design, logo, posters, announcements, tickets, letterhead, etc.
Museum of Primitive Art 15 W 54 St..
(Douglas Newton) CI6-9494:
Book on African & Afro- American Art by R. Thompson (in progress)
Museum of Contemporary Crafts 29 W 53 St..
(Paul Smith) C16-6840:
Announcements, poster, ticket & mailing piece for paper show, 1967
E & O. Mari 23 Ave LIC
(Daniel Mari) AS8-4005:
Book series (Guitar, Guitar Strings, Viols d’Amore etc.)
EL AL Airlines
Tour booklet 1959
AG Gallery
Interior, letterhead, announcements 1961 TYPE OF WORK DONE
Trademarks, logos, letterheads, envelopes, mail-pieces, posters, announcements, 3-D announcements, 3-D displays, exhibits, environments, packaging, labels, box-design, books, magazines, newspapers, photography, interior, product & architectural design. Design & production in all categories.

AG Gallery, 1961
Mead Papers’ Library Ideas, 1964
Walter Thompson, 420 Lexington Ave.,
Nov. 1968


Typomundus 20, 4 Certificates,
Mead Papers’ Library of Ideas
Graphis several pieces published