Fluxmanifesto on Fluxamusement, 1965


Black offset on beige paper, 6.5 x 17 cm.

Fragment of flyer

FLUXMANIFESTO on fluxamusement – Vaudeville – Art? To establish artists nonprofessional, nonparasitic, nonelite status in society, he must demonstrate own dispensability, he must demonstrate self-sufficiency of the audience, he must demonstrate that anything can substitute art and anyone can do it. Therefore this substitute art-amusement must be simple, amusing, concerned with insignificances, have no commodity or institutional value. It must be unlimited, obtainable by all and eventually produced by all. The artist doing art meanwhile, to justify his income, must demonstrate that only he can do art. Art therefore must appear to be complex, intellectual, exclusive, indispensable, inspired. To raise its commodity value it is made to be rare, limited in quantity and therefore accessible not to the masses but to the social elite.

By George Maciunas, 1965.