Curriculum Plan

“Curriculum Plan”

George Maciunas
Proposals for Art Education from a Year Long Study
supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York 1968-1969
©George Maciunas Foundation Inc, All Rights Reserved.
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Maciunas’ mentor at N.Y.U. was the art historian and Asia specialist Alfred Salmony. He might have aroused Maciunas’ interest in non-European art in general and in the exotic motive of the long tongue and its apotropaic character in particular. See Alfred Salmony, Antler and Tongue: An Essay on Ancient Chinese Symbolism and its Implications (Ascona 1954), pp.30-48. Maciunas made the extended tongue which can be seen on the Aztec calender or sun stone, into a meaningful emblem of Fluxus.

Building the Fluxus Way

The Historical Past of Fluxus’ Future By Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt

The Fluxhouse Cooperatives By Charles R. Simpson