Fluxus Prefab System Lecture & Conference 2014 held in Bern, Switzerland

In June 2014, Lecture & Conference on Fluxus Prefab System were held at BONE17_atelier_norbert_klassen preview, Bern, Switzerland. Lecture by Harry Stendhal, chairman and founder of Fluxus Foundation, and Fanyu Lin, architect from Fluxus Foundation, New York, hosted by Valerian Maly, director of BONE festival, introduced Fluxus Prefab System – a fully scalable, sustainable model for future cities par excellence. Discussions in greater depth were unfolded in following conference, which were attended by representatives from Bern University, Swiss R&D-driven businesses and industry.

Fluxus Lecture by Harry Stendhal & Fanyu Lin


News: Fluxus Prefab System at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, 2014